Good People

To my wonderful audience member,

Hello! This is the introductory landing page for Good People, a digital narrative project from the 2020 IGNITE! Festival. Thank you so much for being here and supporting this project.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge that even though this piece exists in digital space, the creative team that produced this work exists in the physical world. Therefore, I would like to acknowledge that this piece was developed upon Treaty 7 land, upon the traditional homeland of the Blackfoot First Nation tribes, the Siksika, the Kainai, and the Piikani; the Îyâxe Nakoda First Nation; the Tsuut'ina First Nation; and the Métis Nation (Region 3).

Before deciding to explore this narrative, please be advised that Good People deals with heavy themes such as sexuality, religion, homophobia, and suicide. If you are uncomfortable with these themes, feel free to take a step back from this narrative for now without fear of judgment. As someone who has had many mental health struggles himself, I recognize this project would not be appropriate for everyone, as we all are in different mental spaces.

The story of Good People unfolds across several websites. Please note the following:
-This is a work of fiction.
-The story will unfold as you explore multiple websites. Through exploring the story, you will discover the websites you must visit. These websites were created specifically for this project.
-You are not required to search anything on the Internet to find answers, such as searching up a character or location online. However, some sites will have their own search functions which you can use to search those specific websites.
-You are not required to email, comment, or otherwise message any character to further the story.
-Everything you need to complete the experience already exists in the project.
-There are a small number of puzzles to solve to advance the plot. If you get stuck on anything, there is a Hint Page. Please feel free to use this Hint Page as much as you need!
-Out of respect to people who are Deaf or otherwise cannot use audio, the original script of every scene is posted directly underneath each recorded piece.
-Feel free to pause and come back to the story as much as you need to.
-You will know when you have reached the end of the project when you find the credits.

Finally, I have added a Resources page with a short list of helpful links that further deal with the real-world subject matter presented in this piece. Consider this page as a care package for you, my audience member, when you have completed engaging with this project if you are interested in learning more about what you experienced.

Thank you so much! And without further ado, enjoy Good People.


Bryan Sandberg
Project Lead for Good People

BY Bryan Sandberg

You got a note in the mail. You don't know where it came from.

There is a link on the back. You locate a computer and type in the link.


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